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Everyone has the right to discover his or her true potential as a singer, actor, or performer. Whether you are a curious beginner pursuing singing as a hobby, a recording artist or singer-songwriter in search of skills to maximize your vocal performance and boost your singing career, or a working professional who views voice study as a means to build confidence in other disciplines such as acting, teaching, or public speaking, I am excited to help you achieve your goals.

I understand firsthand that singing is an incredibly personal event and lessons are taught one-on-one, in a relaxed setting where singing is approached according to the student’s needs, pace, interests, and goals. Lessons can include:

  • exercises that develop essential skills in posture, breathing, vocal support, tone production and resonance, and mask singing

  • learning songs and choosing audition repertoire that best suits your voice and showcases your unique talent

  • For an additional fee I will provide sheet music and update your resume.

  • special attention targeting trouble spots in music, issues with vocal range or transitions between vocal registers

  • coaching in diction articulation, and projection, learning how to protect your voice

  • College audition preparation

  • short-term audition preparation and help learning music

  • Monolouge Coaching 

  • Acting through Improv

Singing and Acting are aerobic activities; your body is your instrument. My teaching emphasizes the vitality of a strong mind-body connection, reliable vocal support, and efficient, healthy vocal production. These universal techniques will equip you with greater vocal range and agility, stamina and health, confidence and power—and they can be applied across all performance genres. Whether your specialty is  acting, comedy, rock, pop, r&b, jazz, country, opera, or musical theatre, my method will help you to prepare, practice, and perform at your best.   Most importantly to have fun doing it!

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